ZoneAlarm pre-checks toolbar

Another pre-checked ‘Opt In by default’ toolbar, this time ZoneAlarm takes the cake.

The Toolbar uses the AskJeeves/ search engine.

After Alex Eckelberry wrote about this on the Sunbelt Blog, he received some interesting feedback in the comments section. That topic was regarding Spy Sweeper’s pre-checked Ask toolbar.

Another security company succumbs to temptation

How many will just install and click away, I imagine that is exactly what these companies want you to do.

Cash register… ca-chink.

One thought on “ZoneAlarm pre-checks toolbar

  1. Recently on their forum it the ZA Special Forum “Guru” claimed when you do custom install all you do is uncheck install toolbar. Not true. Zone Alarm forces their AZ toolbar, even changing my Admin firefox and IE home page. Really nice touch-not. Used to be a great firewall and Antivirus protection too. Now they have sold out and succumbed being to being like some of the other sleazes. They may end up just like Netflix. Special Forum “Guru” is a Special Forum Liar.

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