Intercage, gone with the wind again

Backbone provider Global Crossing, which previously peered from Atrivo/Intercage, More on Atrivo-Intercage-Estdomains, has negated the decision by transit provider UnitedLayer to give Intercage upstream service.

“It has come to our attention that United Layer is now routing traffic for Intercage (AS 27595) over the Global Crossing network,” Andrew Ramsey, Global Crossing’s manager of information security operations, wrote in an email sent to UniterLayer on Wednesday morning. “Intercage was removed from our network for violating our acceptable use policy, and is not welcome to return under any circumstance.”

The Register: Net pariah Intercage back among the dead

Robert McMillan, IDG News Service.

After being notified of more problems on the network this week, UnitedLayer pulled the plug on Intercage late Thursday afternoon, said UnitedLayer Chief Operating Officer Richard Donaldson. “We decided that, given the stuff that was going on and with a couple of infractions that we were made aware of, that they needed to purge themselves of any [malicious] stuff that remained,” he said.

Notorious ISP Intercage goes dark again

Hat Tip to Sandi at Spyware Sucks: Atrivo/Intercage have been knocked offline again?

The Report for AS27595 remains as it was before UnitedLayer became Intercage’s provider.
Certifiedbug; September 22, 2008. Atrivo-Intercage offline

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