MSN Featured Offers, Spam from Canadian Pharmacy

This week I have seen a resurgence of the “MSN Featured Offers” scam, this time from Canadian Pharmacy, pushing Viagra and other pharmaceuticals.

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Spam posing as MSN Featured Offers

Domain Name:
Created: 2008-10-28
Expires: 2009-10-28
Whois Server:
IP Location: Latvia – Latvia – Vdhost Ltd

Domain Name:
Created: 2008-11-05
Expires: 2009-11-05
Updated: 2008-11-05
Domain servers in listed order:
TS,HB,CN 063002

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy

Those are just an example, the links will change frequently.

Fake pharmaceuticals on-line, buyer beware

28 thoughts on “MSN Featured Offers, Spam from Canadian Pharmacy

  1. I received two “MSN Featured Offers” within the last four days – the first titled “Canadian Pharmacy” and the second titled “We record your home video”, both mails were sent to me using my email address

    What do I do to deal with such mail having suspected been a victim of downloading “Opera 962″ and “Internet Explorer 8″

  2. Hello Bassey Ebri Asuquo,

    You wouldn’t receive spam because you installed Opera and IE8 beta, if you downloaded from the official sites.

    The best thing to do is filter out and delete the spam, this particular one seems to come in waves with periods of none at all.

  3. I received the same emails and do not know how to filter out. I keep deleting but how can I get them out of my mailbox.

  4. I am getting them too. Unfortunately I clicked unsubcribe doh! I’ve never fallen for a spam before. I’ve run my virus checker and all seems fine, so are they just annoying spam or are they more sinister – I’ve tried creating a mail rule to stop them being downloaded but they are still coming through – what exactly do I have to do to stop them in Windows mail?

  5. I too am seeing these… I’m using Google Chrome and Gmail… over the past week I’ve kept ‘reporting spam’ on these messages but they won’t go away. Luckily it’s not my main email address so I can just stop forwarding them if need be.

    However, is there a solution?

  6. I’ve received the Canadian Pharmacy thing with my own address as sender. Also clicked the unsubsribe button. A scan shows no infection. I’ve added my own address to my ” blocked senders ” list but I’m wondering if this will have unintended results. Comments please. Thanks.

  7. @Rhian,
    Windows Mail Junk email filter.

    Help keep spam out of your inbox.

    so are they just annoying spam or are they more sinister

    In the case of ‘MSN Featured Offers’ more often than not there are links in the email that if opened will infect the computer.

    Google’s Gmail usually does a good job tagging spam in the mailbox and it’s easy to delete. I doubt reporting it will make much of an immediate impact unfortunately.

  8. I am getting 4-6/ day, mostly offering Viagra etc. Somehow, they are “from” me and my various security programs don`t block them.
    I use Windows Mail.
    Any suggestions?

  9. Over the past week, I have received 5 to 6 messages PER DAY from MSN Featured Offers; it’s not just Canadian Pharmacy “lures”. I have also received messages with a very offensive sexual/racial content in the subject line.
    I have Windows XP. Can someone help me to block these messages? How can I find the actual sender to block these messages? The sender uses my e-mail address as the sender and recipient.
    Thank you,

  10. Hey, I am relatively new to using msn, so I was unaware of the previous MSN featured offers and accidently clicked on a unsubscribe link on an email with the subject Order. It took me to the domain for Canadian pharmacy (which I didn’t see mentioned above) and I clicked out right away before everything could load but I’m not concerned I may have been infected. I ran a scan on spybot search and destroy and nothing showed up, but my main virus checker Sophos hasn’t finished running. Do all these emails necessarily result in being infected?


  11. I’m sorry certifiedbug, I didn’t realize until afterwards that I accidently made the spam domain linkable. Obviously please don’t post that!

    I won’t rewrite the domain in case I screw it up again, but I guess the question I had was do these websites always result in infection. And if we clicked out b/f the full page loaded, are we okay?

  12. Hello Need Advice,

    If your anti virus program is up to date and did not flag anything you should be fine. Not every website spammed via those emails results in an infection but it’s good that you backed out. :)

    Run a full scan to make sure and no worries I disabled the link.

    The domains I listed previously were really just an example as spammers change them quickly.

  13. Well the scans showed nothing on my computer, so hopefully it will be ok. But I looked this Canadian Pharmacy stuff up on a spyware wiki, and they talked about how some sites could hijack your computer? Does that only happen with a program being installed (that would’ve been found by spyware/virus/malware programs)? I was trying to figure it out myself, but the articles are confusing.

  14. Hi Need Advice,

    Unfortunately there are many ways for a computer to be compromised. Malicious sites/advertisements/banners, legitimate sites that have been exploited, rogue programs… the list goes on.
    Blue Tack Forums

    If you click on items of interest in Certifiedbug’s tag cloud you will see lots of alerts, but we can surf safely and avoid a lot of the pitfalls by installing and keeping security programs up to date.

    Securia’s Software Inspector is a good resource to check that applications such as Adobe Flash, Java {if installed} and browsers are the latest version.

    Safe surfing. :)

  15. I get at least 5 of these emails daily. But also, as mentioned by someone else above, I will go several weeks-months with nothing at all. My question, is there any recourse to the company sending them? Is there no cease and desist order that can be filed against them?

  16. Hello Kim,

    REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 10, 2005
    Microsoft and Pfizer Target Sellers of Illegal Generic Viagra and International Pharmacy Spam Rings

    I have not yet found an update regarding the status of the lawsuits, possibly because,
    “The identities of the individuals controlling the sites are unknown and are therefore referred to in the complaints as John Does.”

  17. It’s unbelievable. I get about 20 of these per day, each sent through a different mail relay. I use gMail as my mail reader and typically it’s very good at identifying and filtering out spam, but this one gets through it every time it seems. I’ve recieved at least 10 of them today, and a handfull each day for the past few days. The body of the mail seems the same. I may block all messages containing the block of text contained in the mail.

  18. I get at least 250 spam emails from Canadian Pharmacy EVERY DAY addressed fom myself to myself. 1 spam message once in a while is palatable but this is just a joke. What is the point in them sending hundreds of messages to the same person every day? Do they think I’m going to suddenly order from them after receiving over 5000 spam email messages in the past month? This is damaging my business. It takes me at least 30 minutes a day to sift through their crap. Its got to the point where I am ready to take whatever action is required to stop these bastards. THE LAST MESSAGE SUBJECT ” Attack your baby, she wants ”
    No doubt I’ll get another one in a minute with a subject line such as “bing up a dragon in your pants” – I had 10 with that subject line yesterday. So what do we do guys and Girls? I have money but legal action is pointless since the main man is aparently on the run. What do we do? Chinese registrars and hosts don’t give a damn so sites can’t be taken down. Any ideas please let me know. One thing I was thinking is that the credit card companies seem to continue to process orders for this criminal outfit. Perhaps legal action sinced they might as well be accessories would stop this nonsense once and for all? Thoughts please. Ideas please. If you do write to me please put SPAM in the subject line of your email because once again 95% of the emails I receive on a daily basis are from Canadian Pharmacy and I am missing legitimate messages as a result. Thanks All

  19. CB – Nice try? Please explain sir? Not sure what you’re driving at but I am 100% legit and getting spammed to hell by these bastards. You have my email address. God knows why you tried to log into my site??? But anyway… Contact me privately if you wish.

  20. Hi Mark,

    God knows why you tried to log into my site???

    I simply clicked on the url you had provided in your username for ‘any’ user to click upon, no worries the live link was removed. :wink:

    I don’t understand why you are “getting spammed to hell” by MSN Featured Offers.

    True I filter spam out but I have noticed a drop off from that particular one anyway. :)

    Edit to clarify.

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