Fake Product Support

Aghast at Avast’s iYogi Support

The makers of Avast antivirus software are warning users about a new scam involving phone calls from people posing as customer service reps for the company and requesting remote access to user systems. Avast is still investigating the incidents, but a number of users are reporting that the incidents followed experiences with iYogi, the company in India that is handling Avast’s customer support.

A follow-up investigation by KrebsOnSecurity indicates that Avast (among other security companies) is outsourcing its customer support to a third-party firm that appears engineered to do little else but sell expensive and unnecessary support contracts.

Complete article: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2012/03/aghast-at-avasts-iyogi-support/

Avast! Blog
iYogi support service removed

We had initial reports of this behavior a few weeks ago and met with iYogi’s senior executives to ensure the behavior was being corrected. Thus, we were shocked to find out about Mr. Krebs’ experience. As a consequence, we have removed the iYogi support service from our website and shortly it will be removed from our products. We believe that this type of service, when performed in a correct manner, provides immense value to users. As such, over the next weeks, we will work with iYogi to determine whether the service can be re-launched.

Re-launched? :-o

ESET Threat Blog
Fake Support, And Now Fake Product Support

I first became aware of the plague of Indian companies operating PC and anti-virus support scams because one of our competitors advised me that one of them was apparently carrying out unethical marketing on ESET’s behalf. (They weren’t, of course, anything to do with ESET: see this blog series and this paper.)

I recently learned from my colleagues at ESET UK that cold-callers from Mumbai have developed a new twist on this cold-calling scam, calling people in the UK and apparently claiming to offer paid support in response to problems that don’t exist,

Complete article: http://blog.eset.com/2012/03/15/fake-support-and-now-fake-product-support

Of interest
Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt’s Blog:
Anatomy of a virus call centre scam
Scamming the scammers – catching the virus call centre scammers red-handed


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