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The total: 272,488 active domains is provided as a community service, any research or abuse comments on these domains are welcomed to abuse(at) or estlist (at) Any of suspected illegal or child pornography content should be reported directly to IWF here


As a result of the EstDomains de-accreditation by ICANN, Directi will be taking over EstDomains’ Registrar operations. ResellerClub, Directi’s Reseller arm, will be managing EstDomains’ Domains and Digital Certificates henceforth. ResellerClub and EstDomains Inc use LogicBoxes’s Registrar Automation platform, OrderBox, which will make the entire migration process a smooth one.



Registrar EstDomains Stay of Termination lifted

by certifiedbug on November 13, 2008

in Internet Security


The termination of ICANN-accredited registrar EstDomains is to go ahead, effective 24 November 2008.

Letter to EstDomains concerning decision to proceed with termination: [PDF]

The notice of primary contact change recently sent to ICANN’s Brussels office is not compliant with the requirements of the RAA and is not an effective notice of primary contact change. Until notice of primary contact change is received at ICANN’s address above, ICANN’s records will continue to reflect that Mr. Vladimir Tsastsin is the primary contact for EstDomains, Inc.

Certifiedbug, October 30, 2008. ICANN Stays EstDomains Notice of Termination

Certifiedbug, October 29, 2008. ICANN cans EstDomains, Inc.

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ICANN Stays EstDomains Notice of Termination

by certifiedbug on October 30, 2008

in Internet Security

ICANN received a response from EstDomains regarding the notice of termination. [PDF, 853K] To assess the merits of the claims made in EstDomains’ response, ICANN has stayed the termination process as ICANN analyzes these claims.


ICANN cans EstDomains, Inc.

October 29, 2008

Stacy K. Burnette, Director of Contractual Compliance at ICANN, sent an official letter to Vladimir Tsastsin, President of EstDomains Inc., informing him that the company’s accreditation as a registrar is being terminated. Be advised that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) for Estdomains, Inc. (Customer No. 919, IANA […]

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New EST Domains

October 25, 2008 is one of estdomain’s October registrations, checking it out my browser was redirected to Obviously an adult content site. Snippet from my log, /banners/flash/24368/json_400x600_005.swf 11,524 application/x-shockwave-flash Host: By the way, if your Adobe flash is up to date and you think you are protected from SWF exploits see Sandi’s article at Spyware […]

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EstDomains, Inc. PR

October 24, 2008

To read history see October Press releases: EstDomains, Inc Takes Next Step in Combating Spam and Malware EstDomains, Inc Combating Cyber Crime — Thousands Domain Names Suspended Edit The Spamhaus Project. SBL68934 24-Oct-2008 10:41 GMT / / Cernel – dirty host/registrar SBL68935 24-Oct-2008 09:03 GMT […]

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Intercage back

September 23, 2008

Apprantly IP transit provider UnitedLayer has agreed to provide upstream service to Intercage after Intercage agreed to completely sever ties with Esthost. Intercage, Inc’s website has a holding page, it looks strangely familiar… UnitedLayer operates out of the same San Francisco colocation facility as Intercage and Pacific Internet Exchange (PIE). Kind of reminds me of […]

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EstDomains PR. Improved detection-prevention

September 23, 2008

EstDomains, Inc: Improved Detection and Prevention System is Live EstDomains, Inс (, announces the launch of new improved and even more efficient version of detection and prevention system oriented to the avoidance of potentially fraudulent transactions, spamming and harmful software distribution that might be performed from the company customers’ accounts. From the very beginning, EstDomains, […]

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EstDomains, Inc declares opposition to malware mongers

September 15, 2008

EstDomains, Inc: Global Struggle Against Malware Distribution Hah… Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) September 14, 2008 — EstDomains, Inc (, a US-based domain name Registrar, officially declares opposition to malware mongers in order to protect Internet users from attacks on their computers or stealing of their important data. EstDomains, Inc pays special attention to domain name […]

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