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Trillian Vulnerabilities patched

Cerulean Studios has fixed three vulnerabilities in the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) module of Trillian, which could be exploited remotely and give attackers the ability to intercept private conversations or execute code.

Trillian is an instant messaging application that supports IRC, ICQ, AIM and MSN protocols.

The vulnerabilities affect Cerulean Studios Trillian 3.1, and have been addressed in Trillian version

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Irc is a great way to communicate and learn new stuff.
One of the networks I use is irc.wyldryde.org.

WyldRyde is home to many different types of chat rooms. Some chat specialize in one topic, while others welcome open discussion. We are also home to many official chats for popular web sites, computer user groups, open source projects, and anti-spyware projects. No matter what your interest, you’re likely to find a channel that fits your interests.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

To start chatting on WyldRyde you can load their easy to use Web Chat.

If you are a more experienced computer user you could download an IRC Client and connect that way.

Do make sure you do your homework on which one is right for you and compatible with your operating system.

WyldRyde Active Channels

There is a HELP Channel where you can pose any questions you may have if you canot find the answer in the faqs; you will find the volunteer staff to be helpful and friendly.

IRC is huge and has thousands of users. If you have family members using the internet help them to stay safe.

As always, make sure you have updated security programs installed.