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Russinovich-The Case of the Random IE Crash

Interesting sleuthing by Mark, Technical Fellow in the Platform and Services Division at Microsoft.

While I long for the day when I no longer experience the effects of buggy software, there’s something rewarding about solving my own troubleshooting cases. In the process, I often come up with new techniques to add to my bag of tricks and to share with you in my “Case of the Unexplained…” presentations and blog posts. The other day I successfully closed an especially interesting case that opened when Internet Explorer (IE) crashed as I was reading a web page:

Article and resolution at TechNet: http://blogs.technet.com/b/markrussinovich/archive/2010/06/01/3335060.aspx

Russinovich Debunks Machine SID Duplication Myth

Mark Russinovich’s article “The Machine SID Duplication Myth” posted November 03, 2009

I realize that the news that it’s okay to have duplicate machine SIDs comes as a surprise to many, especially since changing SIDs on imaged systems has been a fundamental principal of image deployment since Windows NT’s inception. This blog post debunks the myth with facts by first describing the machine SID, explaining how Windows uses SIDs, and then showing that – with one exception – Windows never exposes a machine SID outside its computer, proving that it’s okay to have systems with the same machine SID.


Windows Internals 5th Edition

Mark Russinovich announced the availability of the 5th Edition of Windows Internals.

It’s been a long road, but a writing a book of this scope is an incredibly detailed endeavor. This new edition covers Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) and besides revisions and enhancements to existing content, adds an additional 250 pages, bringing the total page count to over 1200 (25% longer than the previous edition). Besides new experiments highlighting the Sysinternals tools, new topics covered include Hyper-V, the image loader, debugging infrastructure, Kernel Transaction Manager, Code Integrity, Thread Pools, Mandatory Integrity Controls, Windows Driver Framework, and Bitlocker, to name a few.

Russinovich and David Solomon speak about the book and their history of collaboration in a Channel 9 interview recorded a couple of weeks ago.

Russinovich has another thing to share, a video that made him laugh out loud when he saw it. “You’ve angered the great Master Russinovich!”
Made by the Windows marketing team as part of the Talking About Windows campaign.

Visit the Windows Internals book page for more information.

Springboard Event, Windows 7

Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable
Date: Thursday, February 12th
Time: 11:00am Pacific Time

Windows 7: To the Beta and Beyond.

Join Mark Russinovich and a panel of subject matter experts for a live discussion of what’s in store for IT pros with Windows® 7. Learn about the evolution of features like Group Policy, BitLockerâ„¢ To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCacheâ„¢, and Software Restriction then get tips on troubleshooting, deployment, and application compatibility. Bring your questions—Mark and the panel will answer as many as they can during the hour-long event, then publish the rest in a Q&A after the event.


Windows 7 beta buzz

Windows Experience Blog.
Brandon LeBlanc.

There are a lot of really good comments from folks using the Windows 7 Beta all over the web –and I thought I’d take a moment to share some favorites with you. These quotes are just some of what is being said about the Windows 7 Beta:

Comments: What are People saying About the Windows 7 Beta?

Windows 7 Beta videos: a peek at the coolness to come

Inside Windows 7 Channel9 conversation with Mark Russinovich.

Sysinternals Live

Ed Bott broke the news that Sysinternals Live is now open to the public.

The new service enables you to execute the most recent version of any Sysinternals tool directly from an Internet-connected PC, without having to hunt for the executable file and manually download it first.

What a treat for Sysinternals utilities fans.

Microsoft bought the company and its library in 2006. Sysinternals co-founder Mark Russinovich is now a Technical Fellow in the Platform and Services Division at Microsoft.

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